The West Melbourne Gun and Truck Club  unofficially began to form in the very late 1980's. It started with a few  friends, hanging out after work and school in the woods and swamp areas in and around Melbourne Florida.  One evening, a suggestion was made to go on a camping adventure. Plans were made and it was decided that Kicco Mgt Area would be the first of what would turn out to be a yearly camping tradition that is still enjoyed to this day. At the entrance to the Mgt.area you have to check in by writing your name in the log book. Instead of all of us writing our names, Shaun (EB) Ralston wrote down WMGTC.  It was at this moment that the  acronym WMGTC  was  officially penned for the first time.

      Over the years we have kept up our yearly camping trips.  Some years there's a big crew of people along for the camping trip and other years there's just a few.  In between the yearly trips there are plenty of get togethers with family and friends. Someone is always working on one project or another and they can be assured that some if not all the members of WMGTC will be in attendance.  We enjoy the outdoors and everything that goes with it. The concept of being one big "family" is firmly grasped and practiced in our group. 

      "We are living proof that a bunch of mutts can run in a tight pack".....Mike Givens.